Nanotechnology Coating System

Nanotechnology Coating System


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Nanotechnology refers to a field of applied science that focuses on controlling matter on an atomic and molecular scale. A "Bacteria" or "Virus" is in size of micrometers (um), the smallest bacteria is 0.3 um. A "Micrometer" is equal to 1,000 nanometer (nm). Even Human Hair is 50,000 larger than a nanometer. Or another way of putting it: A nanoparticle is really, really small. And nanoparticles can help to protect surfaces in a better way.

 â€œNanotechnology is the basis for the next industrial revolution. We have several samples of successful business cases e.g. at chemical industry. Nanotechnology is everywhere, in our clothing, cars, windows, computer and displays, even in our cosmetics and medicine adding new functionalities, intelligence, integrations, portability and networking capability in many new products with high market potential. Nanotechnology is the key to markets worth billions of dollars annually.

Disruptive Technology: Technology that is significantly cheaper than current, and/or is much higher performing, and/or has greater functionality, and/or is more convenient to use. Will revolutionize worldwide markets by superseding existing technologies. "Paradigm shifting" is a well-worn connotation. Although the term may sound negative, it is in fact neutral. It is only potentially negative to organizations that are unprepared for change, and fail to adapt, only to fall behind, and ultimately disappear. The results are not just evolutionary, they are revolutionary.  Source By NanoTech Now


Is time for you to experience Nanotechnology. We at Nanobionic LLC in USA, are offering a complete solution for construction such as Dirty Buildings, Glass Oxidation or maybe Marine protection. Contact us at 

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