Nanotechnology Coating System

Nanotechnology Coating System




Nanotechnology as so many people are understanding is the new future and trend for everything. Nanobionic is following the trend in Nano Coating formulation development as they appear from any angle in the world. We are talking of new "functional coatings" that are becoming more and more studied for final stages, like self healing coating, where anti corrosion will be able to detect any scratch and start self healed to protect  the affected areas, other useful coatings in the plastic industry to help increase the resistance and improve the lifetime of substrates which are coated.

"The world of functional coatings is full of weird ideas. One really weird, but nevertheless fascinating idea is to develop omniphobic surfaces that can repell everything, from dirt and any other debris up to ice.”
(Volkmar Stenzel, Sabine Scharf, Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany )

Nanobionic is in the trend and pioneer of Nano-Technology in USA. This is just the beginning...!

Nano Scale view


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